The Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council (CMRC) is pleased to announce that the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) not only has joined as a member, but will serve on the CMRC Executive Committee. Todd Beauchamp will represent TMA.

Todd was Chairman of TMA up until last year; his experience in manufacturing started in 2002, as well as his involvement with TMA. He’s seen all the changes that TMA has gone through and has deep knowledge and experience of manufacturing as a sector. His current professional role is Director of Sales & Marketing for AskPower, a global electrical products manufacturer. Todd strongly believes that there is a path in this partnership not only to promote the industry at a state level, but also national. We are excited to have such a knowledgeable and innovative partner going forward.

About TMA

Representing close to 1,000 manufacturers and over 30,000 manufacturing employees, the Technology & Manufacturing Association is a comprehensive resource for Midwest manufacturers looking to improve operations, strengthen their workforce, and grow their businesses. As a leading voice in an evolving industry TMA cultivates and strengthens our members by providing them programs and services in order to thrive as individuals, companies, and a business community.

The Chicagoland Manufacturing Renaissance Council hosted 7 senior delegates from the Basque Country in Northern Spain for a 3-day visit to Chicago in April. Their stay was capped by a riveting and informative conference featuring a presentation on their approach to training and driving their economy through manufacturing. There was a such an inspiring level of synergy between our team and theirs that we agreed to formalize our working relationship. We inked a Memorandum of Understanding and we agreed to host another, even higher level delegation in the near future.

"In light of our shared commitment to promoting advanced manufacturing as a foundation for human and social development in our respective countries, and our successful conference in Chicago on April 30, 2019, we will actively explore the creation of a partnership that will:"

The Ministers for Manufacturing meets once every two months. We split meetings between the west sides and south sides of Chicago and the South Suburbs. The meeting in July was hosted by Bishop Owens, Pastor of Pentacostal Missionary Church in Harvey and we were joined by senior members of the Chicago/Cook Workforce Partnership. We had an outstanding meeting - please read the minutes.

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