The Results Are In!

Upon comparing Manufacturing Connect's (MC) data to the national averages across the Youth Career Connect (YCC) grantee cohort, overall, the metrics which represent the activities that Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) had primary control over implementation, we overwhelmingly met or exceeded the performance of our YCC grantee colleagues nationally. For example:

  • 100% of MC students came from low income families compared to the national average 46%

  • 83% of MC students had a work experience compared to the national average 56%

  • 10% of MC students went into full employment compared to the national average 2%

  • 22% of MC students entered post-secondary education compared to the national average 17%

  • 38.5% of MC students had paid internships compared to the national average 20%

  • 99% of MC students completed their internships compared to the national average 81%

  • 44% of MC students secured a high school diploma in addition to a nationally-recognized industry credential compared to the national average was 24%

National Data versus Manufacturing Connect Data

The Bottom Line: The Investment in Career Pathways Programming Must Significantly Increase to Reach the Impact Communities and Employers Need

The Youth Career Connect (YCC) was the first grant program of its kind, a partnership between the US Dept. of Education and the US Dept. of Labor to develop new models of public/private partnerships in secondary education towards expanding career pathway opportunities for youth and young adults. Manufacturing Renaissance (MR) was proud that, as the only YCC grantee from the State of Illinois, we could demonstrate best practices in career pathways programming for the manufacturing sector on the Westside of Chicago.

While MR is proud of the work we did through the MC program serving Chicago and grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the cohort of esteemed YCC colleagues doing the hard work of creating and expanding new programs that serve our communities – we know there is much more work to be done...

Read the full release here...

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