Perspectives From the Front Lines: Dee Dee Jones, Industry Coordinator

We wanted to know how our manufacturing industry friends and staff were coping with the COVID-19 crisis at work and personally. Here is what they said:

"Operations have gone virtual which has some challenges. For our students’ access to technology is a challenge for some, having quiet time alone at home to concentrate on studies is a challenge and relationship building is a challenge. My colleagues are doing the best we can to outreach, train and motivate trainees but we all wish that things were different.

Most manufacturing partners aren't hiring at this time. They do not want to make commitments to people they can't keep. They're waiting to see what happens. Orders are low due to businesses being closed in most metal fabrication environments. Food, plastic, consumer products, corrugated and packaging are steady as far as production but they're only hiring skilled positions or hard to find skill sets. All other positions will be filled by temps…

Our office is closed. We researched online training platforms and tools to go virtual. Learning will be online in a group and on an individual basis. I am sick of being home but I'm prayerful and am keeping a positive attitude to keep my sanity. I am looking forward to the day that things go back to normal. I work to stay motivated and find things to do to keep busy."

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