Perspectives From the Front Lines: Leslye Long, Assistant Program Director

We wanted to know how our manufacturing industry friends and staff were coping with the COVID-19 crisis at work and personally. Here is what they said:

"Our offices are closed. We and our colleagues have switched all programming to calls, Zoom and email format. The timeline for completed trainings went from 14 weeks to 19 as we have to accommodate for the technical hiccups and the reality that all of our participants do not have computers or internet at home. The conversion to Google classroom, emails, Zoom, pdf, and switching appointments to Calendly was time consuming and the schedule no longer works in large blocks of time. Instead, the participants need to adapt, and we need to help them to become more personally responsible for completing the assignments and making appointments. As a result, classes are an hour long plus additional 1-on-1 sessions outside of class, and we need to follow-up with additional check-ins to assist their progress.

Our team has been even more flexible adapting to participants abilities and their socioeconomic and emotional challenges with respect to the pandemic.

Dealing with the virus was stressful at first. The added pressure to convert our programming to various online formats, all while attempting accommodating funders, assist the team with the immediate changes and any individual challenges, stay still and look ahead was a lot. Yet, we are getting there. Our partners and my team are working diligently to keep participants engaged so they can be ready to be placed and track everything. I'm relieved the participants and team are adapting. I am resolved even more in my faith, believing we'll get through this safely. I believe that when this is all said and done, our society will care for each other more deeply and patiently."

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