Perspectives From the Front Lines: Torres Hughes, YMA Coordinator

We wanted to know how our manufacturing industry friends and staff were coping with the COVID-19 crisis at work and personally. Here is what they said:

"Just like most businesses, our company closed down our offices to follow social distancing guidelines. The high school students we serve, young adults, community partners, and others are all home following guidelines. This pandemic has totally shifted the way we communicate with our partners and participants. Still, we have found unconventional ways to stay connected to everyone…

We have now created virtual classrooms and curriculum to continue to stay connected to the people we serve. We are still providing services and support and engaging with our network of young people. We are still engaging with stake holders and building connections so that our young people can have jobs and access to meaningful opportunities.

I am taking things one day at a time. Sometimes I can be resistant to change. The fact that we have shifted our work to a virtual program weighed heavy on me for a little while. I didn’t realize that with this shift, we have now opened the door to connect with even more young people. I didn’t realize that this is what I would call a “level up” from just being in the classroom. It could be tough to stay motivated in these times, but you have to take it day by day. That’s what I have been doing."

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