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In occasion of MFGDAY, we hosted at the Austin College & Career Academy Manufacturing Connect site a half-day event for all of our participants, including from Bowen High School and Prosser Career Academy. About 150 participants attended and we were joined by a couple of students from the Austin Alternative School. The purpose of MFGDAY is to inspire our youth to join our program and pursue manufacturing as a career option. Our Young Manufacturers Association members helped us out, by speaking about their experience in the program and where has manufacturing brought them. The team from YouMedia Chicago Public Library was also there and presented on the new programs and spaces that Chicago Pu


Last Friday, Steel Valley Authority Founder and Director Tom Croft met with the Ownership Conversion Project partners to present about the Authority's programs, including their best practice Early Warning System. The Steel Valley Authority, which is based in Pittsburgh and run by Tom Croft, has been using $1.5 million a year in WIOA funds to support their Strategic Early Warning Network. They have offices in 5 communities across the state. Tom has been influential in helping shape the language of WIOA to incorporate innovative approaches to increase their ability to identify problems in manufacturing companies before they become a crisis. Through this approach, the SVA has saved 26,000 jobs


Together with local host, Bridgeway Capital, the Urban Manufacturing Alliance held their 2018 Gathering in Pittsburgh September 26-28. The Gathering themed "Building Coalitions To Create Equitable Manufacturing Ecosystems", was attended by dozens of local stakeholders, small and medium sized manufacturers, and showcased organizing and systems-building strategies that are promoting small-scale manufacturing and stimulating diverse and inclusive neighborhoods. Capped by a visit and encouraging remarks from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, the event featured speakers and workshops on topics ranging from the impact of automation to financing projects. Manufacturing Renaissance's Director of Communi

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