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What Dan is Reading: Black Families Came to Chicago by the Thousands...

There was an important article in the New York Times on Feb. 16 describing the exodus of Black families from Chicago. In the 1980s, Chicago lost 150,000 manufacturing jobs which resulted in urban poverty. The loss was due to challenges that could have been addressed. Publicly traded companies were eviscerated by demands to make the highest possible return. Local government did little to retain smaller companies. Schools closed vocational education programs even as manufacturers were shifting to more complex work. The article fails to mention that there is a growing and determined effort to rebuild manufacturing. High school programs exist that meet the talent requirements of advanced manufac

YMA Kick-Off a Big Hit with Chicago CRED Participants

MR had a great kick-off session with the Chicago CRED community. MR will be providing training, internships, full-time job placements and retention supports through our Young Manufacturers Association program for Chicago CRED clients interested in learning about and pursuing career paths in manufacturing. Training gets underway this month. We’re excited for this new partnership helping Chicago’s young adults get good career-track jobs in manufacturing. One Chicago CRED program organizer said, "The MR team received one of the best receptions from the guys in their program that I've seen compared to other training providers. I was expecting 6-7 guys would sign up, now we have guys who had alre

What Dan Is Reading: The Value of Everything

Everyone should be reading The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato. It’s a fascinating and devastating critique of our financial sector as well as a very useful history of the evolution of economics. It should be a foundational book for any political and policy leader and for those of us who believe in rebuilding our productive sector. She points the way for an entrepreneurial public sector engaged in the creation of wealth and value. She describes the features and power of a public/private partnership. She strips away the illusions perpetuated by the apologists of our current order. She correctly insists that those who seek a more humane and sustainable society need to focus on th

What's Dan Reading?

Manufacturing Renaissance has always valued the importance of strategic vision in guiding our practical work. As a friend said, “If you don’t have a strategy, you are following someone else’s.” I founded Manufacturing Renaissance in 1983 with this perspective in mind believing that we are in a period that is ripe for fundamental change. This change requires critical thinking, evaluation, debate, and intellectual work. Not only do we need to critique what’s not working but also advance a positive alternative. That’s what we have done in our 37 year history. In coming newsletters, I will be sharing my views on these larger topics including what I'm reading, writing about, and thinking. We

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