The Young Manufacturers Association (YMA) is a network and a program that introduces young adults to the opportunities available in manufacturing and supports them in getting started and advancing their careers .

Its members are young adults working in or actively seeking employment in manufacturing who are between the age of 18 and 28. As a network, they support one another. As of 2019, there are over 200 members spread across the South and West side of Chicago. 

YMA Members Benefit:

  1. Career Exposure - learn about a variety of job openings and careers related to manufacturing

  2. Technical Training - access training that increases employability

  3. Peer Support - Regular meetings for YMA members who are already working, training or in-between jobs to get together and share experiences, advice, provide support and encouragement to one another about how to persist through challenges that effect performance on the job. 

  4. Leadership Development- YMA identifies opportunities for members and participants to learn how to become leaders in their community.  

  5. YMA Academy - Workshop sessions designed to help participants learn about and reflect on social, emotional, financial behaviors that can help or hurt making progress in one’s career.  

  6. Job Placement and Retention Supports-YMA staff work on an individualized basis with each member who wants to secure employment in manufacturing. Staff will provide coaching and case management before, during and after securing employment to help ensure successful transition.    

Manufacturers Benefit:

  1. New Employee Retention Support - concerns with your recent young adult hire? We are glad to follow-up and help troubleshoot how to keep your young hire engaged on the job.  

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